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Will Chateau Figeac be promoted in the 2022 Saint Emillion reclassification?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Chateau Figeac is an ancient vineyard in Bordeaux, from Saint Emillion. Over recent years the price for these wines has risen and we are about to fall in to the reclassification that happens every ten years for Saint-Emillion.

The estate has been occupied for thousands of years and even to this day you can see the water systems dating back to the Roman periods.

Chateau Figeac The Modern Age

In 1947, Thierry Manoncourt took control of the property and never looked back. He was the first in his family to live at the estate. Born in Paris, Thierry Manoncourt earned a degree in agronomy. He was one of the founders of the Bordeaux Grand Crus Union. He was president of the Jurade of Saint Emilion from 1964 to 1987. Thierry Manoncourt was as traditional as he was innovative. When he completely renovated the cellars and wine making facilities.

Source; winecellarinsider.com

Thierry Manoncourt always believed that Figeac deserved appreciation of quality if not to prices to be on par with First Growths (Left Bank 1855 Classification). As mentioned earlier the wines at Figeac are now rising in value, and many merchants are starting to show these wines on their lists for consumers and collectors interests. What will happen if these wines are promoted to Premier Grand Cru Classe A?

Well, one may look back to the last Saint-Emillion Classification in 2012, which witnessed to the ascension of Chateau Angelus & Chateau Pavie in to Premier Grand Cru Classe A status, sitting at the same table as Chateau Ausone & Chateau Cheval Blanc, with prices having risen to date as one may expect.

Chateau Figeac was the first estate in the 1970's to introduce temperature controlled steel vats for fermentation when Manancourt was at the helm. Additionally, Figeac has geared up for expansion after an investment was subsequently made into the the winery and cellars. In fact, in 2013 Figeac lobbied for higher status after Thierry Manoncourt passed away on August 27 2010, just days prior to his 93 birthday.

For further information about Chateau Figeac, its history and wines please consider the following link at winecellarinsider https://www.thewinecellarinsider.com/bordeaux-wine-producer-profiles/bordeaux/st-emilion/figeac/