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The London Wine Fair has been postponed

Patrick Schmitt - Source: thedrinksbusiness.com

It was confirmed Friday morning that May's London Wine Fair has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although no alternative date has been set.

In a missive sent to the drinks business on Friday, head of the London Wine Fair (LWF) Hannah Tovey said that it was "with a heavy heart" that this decision had been taken.

Citing "the safety of our exhibitors, visitors, sponsors, suppliers and in-house team" as the primary reason for postponing the event, Tovey said that it was important to make the announcement now - two months in advance of the London Wine Fair - "to minimise unnecessary expenditure and stress caused by uncertainty."

She also wrote that "it remains inconclusive as to when, or for how long the Government might place restrictions on mass gatherings in the UK," before commenting, "Nonetheless the London Wine Fair team has taken the difficult decision to postpone this much-loved event."

In an exclusive interview with db on 6 March, Tovey had explained why she believed the show must go on, but that was before the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe had been fully realised.

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