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Liv-ex 100 finishes 2019 down 3%

Rupert Millar - Source: www.thedrinksbusiness.com

The main Liv-ex index, the Fine Wine 100, finished 2019 down 3% overall with the market trending downwards slightly in December.

Despite a small rally last summer, the secondary market spent the majority of last year in decline of some sort, exacerbated in the second half by Brexit and a stronger pound as a result of the Conservative majority at the last election, economic downturn in Hong Kong and the US’s various trade spats with China and latterly the EU – as laid out previously by the drinks business.

In December it was down 0.61%, in line with the much broader Fine Wine 1000 which likewise dipped slightly in December, down 0.65%.

No doubt part of the course of the fine wine market at the outset of 2020 will be decided by the success – or otherwise – of lobbying to exclude wine from these extra taxes.

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