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French wines and Scotch whisky targeted by US tariff hikes

Chris Mercer - Source: www.decanter.com

Bordeaux and Burgundy wines will be among those hit by a US decision to impose $7.5bn of extra tariffs on European imports this month, potentially causing headaches for both merchants and wine lovers, unless a deal is reached with the EU.

Which wines are being targeted by the US tariffs?

French wines will face a new 25% import tariff from 18 October, said US trade officials, in a move that has been met with dismay by wine trade bodies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Spanish, German and UK still wines, plus single malt Scotch whisky, face the same 25% tariff as part of $7.5bn of extra levies on a wide range of goods, from Stilton cheese to bed linen.

Champagne and sparkling wines appeared to have avoided the new tariffs, after a list published by the US Trade Representative's office specified 'non carbonated' wines.

Italian wines, too, were absent as US officials named France, Germany, Spain and UK as the main protagonists.

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