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Cantenac Brown sold to French family

Rupert Millar - Source: www.thedrinksbusiness.com

Margaux third growth Château Cantenac Brown has been sold to Frenchman Tristan Le Lous for an estimated €150 million.

A 40 year-old agricultural engineer acquired the property from the British-Syrian Simon Halabi.

In a statement issued by the new owners, it was revealed that a large investment plan is planned which will, among other things, add a new winery with a vat room that will allow parcel vinifications.

It was also made clear that Le Lous plans to continue the estate’s commitment to environmentally-friendly viticulture and winemaking – which has been the case since 2006 – with plans to evolve and develop farming methods further.

Le Lous continued: “This project is in line with our family’s passion for vines and my predilection for fine wines, especially from the Bordeaux region, which I have come to know thanks to my wife who is from the area."

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