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Bordeaux bid:offer ratio reached a 13 month high

This November, Bordeaux made up 37.6% of trade by value – its fourth consecutive month under 40% after starting the year at 55.2%. This is not to say that demand for Bordeaux has waned. Since late March it has steadily increased.

Seen in the chart below, the Bordeaux bid to offer ratio reached parity this week. Since March, bids for the region have grown at a much faster rate than the growing number of offers. This has led to a steady upward movement in prices.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 50, which tracks the top Bordeaux, is up 6.9% since late March, when the bid to offer ratio was at its lowest point.

Unique Bordeaux wines traded (LWIN7) have also increased, 15% since March. However, the bulk of activity still surrounds “Blue-chip” Bordeaux which is now easier than ever find.

In the NEW ‘Opportunities’ tab (linked below), we’ve highlighted Blue-chip Bordeaux sorted by their discount to Market Price. This makes finding opportunities like Chateau Haut Brion 2017 offered LIVE equal to last trade and 7% below market, a breeze.

As the rising level of Bordeaux bids lifts all ships (all major LX indices are up this year), this new view should make it easier to find top Bordeaux opportunities at interesting prices.