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How has Petrus performed on the secondary market?

Following the Daily Mail news that Piers Morgan (British TV presenter) was 'gifted a £40,000 bottle of red wine, a large bottle format Petrus 2015, as well as another £8,000 1982 Petrus, Liv-ex decided to investigate how the prominent Bordeaux chateau has preformed on the secondary market.

Petrus ranked 8th in the Liv-ex 2018 Power 100 – the annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine world, produced in conjunction with the drinks business. The wine’s average trade price was £23,963 per 12x75. The 2019 Power 100 will be published in the magazine’s December issue.

As the chart below shows, the Petrus index – which tracks the price performance of the last ten physical vintages – has risen 353% since its launch in December 2003. It has closely mirrored but has outperformed the Bordeaux 500, which has gained 215% over the same period.

Petrus vs Bordeaux 500: performance since 2003

In the past year, Bordeaux prices have drifted. The Bordeaux 500 index has dipped 2.4% and Petrus has followed, down 2.3%.

The table below shows the year on year performance of some of the most recent Petrus vintages – the 2016 (100 JS, LPB; 99 JD, AG) emerges as the best performer, up 8%. The 1982 Petrus (RB 93, NM 97) given to Mr Morgan has a Market Price of £48,000 per 12×75, down a touch on last year, but still ranking it amongst the most expensive Bordeaux wines on the market.

Petrus: vintage performance (one year)

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