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Liber Pater to release the most expensive wine in the world

Boutique Bordeaux producer Liber Pater is to release its next vintage at €30,000 a bottle, making it the most expensive wine in the world.

Liber Pater

Just 550 bottles of the 2015 vintage have been produced from the Graves-based estate and only 240 are going to be released this September in batches of six to no more than 18 per export market.

Although not yet released physically, the wine has been on offer to buyers on the mailing list for the last six months and the final, incredible fee per bottle is thus a reflection of the demand for this new launch, which owner Loïc Pasquet said was on the level of a work of art.

Made from ungrafted, autochthonous varieties such as Castets, Tarney-Coulant and Pardotte that were once grown in Bordeaux, Liber Pater's founder Loïc Pasquet claims he has recaptured the taste of true pre-Phylloxera Bordeaux.

At £30,000 a bottle (US$34,110 / £20.500), it's as much as an entire case of Petrus - normally the most expensive wine produced in Bordeaux.

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