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Liv-ex 1000 index rises 0.1% in May

Liv-ex 1000 Index: ten years

The Liv-ex 1000 index - the broadest measure of the market - was up 0.1% in May to close on 353.48. This is the first time the index has risen this year, albeit a small rise.

The industry benchmark - the Liv-ex 100 - dipped 0.17% this month to close on 308.01. The Liv-ex 50 - which tracks the First Growths - also fell 0.31%.

Index 31/05//2019 (monthly close)

Within the Liv-ex 1000, the Bordeaux Legends 50 was the biggest riser in May, up 0.49%. It was closely followed by the Rhone 100 and the Italy 100.

The Champagne 50 was the biggest faller this month (-0.98%), followed by the Rest of the World 50 (-0.63%).

Over a one-year period, the Burgundy 150 has been the best-performing sub-index (+15.85%).

The Italy 100, however, has been somewhat of a dark horse and is up 7.84% over the same period. It is also the only sub-index to post positive gains year-to-date (1.67%).

Liv-ex 1000 sub-indices' performace (one year)

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