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Jean-Marc Quarin releases Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur scores

Jean-Marc Quarin has published his full Bordeaux 2018 En Primeur scores. His vintage report covers over 600 wines, four of which achieve 100 points.

Quarin has been releasing his 100-point scores in a series of emails over the past week. Calon Segur was the first to be announced. Quarin compared it to the ‘great’ 1982, praising its perfect balance and remarkable softness.

Cheval Blanc followed, and the critic said that he had never tasted Cheval Blanc at this level at En Primeur. Lafleur and Latour also deserved the perfect score in his eyes, while Margaux received a range of 99-100 points.

Overall, Quarin commented that the 2018 vintage in Bordeaux is very “heterogeneous”, in line with our analysis of quality and quantity in Bordeaux 2018 – Keenly poised.

You can find Quarin’s notes (in French) here and see his top-scoring wines in the table below.

Jean-Marc Quarin's top scoring Bordeaux 2018s

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