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Ten years on: Right Bank 2009

Right Bank 50

Within the Right Bank 50, Le Pin has seen the greatest price variation. The wine was released at £16,500 per 12x75 and currently commands a Market Price of £38,000, a 130% increase.

Petrus, released at £25,900 per 12x75, dipped to £22,452 in 2015. It is now available at £35,000 - a peak price for the wine.

Both Ausone and Cheval Blanc have fallen in price since release, down 28% and 12% respectively.

Right Bank 50: 2009 price variation

Right Bank 100

Of the wines in the Right Bank 100, Clos Fourtet has seen the biggest variation in price. The wine was released at £695 per 12x75 and now commands a Market Price of £2,050 per 12x75 - an increase of 195%.

Fleur Petrus has also risen by an impressive 126% and is currently within 2% of its recent peak of £2,150.

Within the Right Bank 100, only Eglise Clinet and Coinsellante have fallen in value - by 31% and 5% respectively.

Right Bank 100: 2009 price variation

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