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Liv-ex 100: Performance by currency

Liv-ex 100 by currency - five years

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index – the industry benchmark, which is calculated in Sterling – has risen by 18.4% over the past five years.

Converting the index into Euros and Dollars tells a story about the price developments of fine wine in these currencies. As the chart above shows, fine wine is cheaper in USD now than it was five years ago.

A catalyst for rising prices in Sterling was its weakening following the EU referendum in mid-2016. Almost overnight, dollar buyers saw around a 10% discount on UK-based stock, increasing US and Asia-based buying activity and stimulating the market.

Liv-ex 100 changes by currency

Over a year period, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 has risen 1.6%. At the same time, the FTSE 100 equities index has fallen 5.1%, and has seen considerable volatility relative to the Liv-ex 100.

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