• William Bailey

Fine Wine Rises in November

Liv-Ex Fine Wine 100 index | Veblen Wine

The Liv-ex 100 closed November 2017 up 1.3% for the month and is now sitting at its highest level since September 2011 when it reached 322.66.

It is worth noting that the all time high for the Liv-ex 100 is 365 which it reached in June 2011.

After a strong recovery since the end of 2015, the last 3 months have been rather flat in terms of growth in the Liv-ex 100 however as we pointed out in a recent article that you can read here, demand has been building.

The market now looks to be re-acting to this demand and prices are continuing their ascent into the Christmas period.

The broader measure of the market, the Liv-ex 1000 is now at its record high and shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

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